It's Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Posted on January 26, 2010


I’m not making this up.  Jeremiah Oywang, columnist for Forbes and blogger at Web Strategy, has just declared every fourth Monday of January as Community Manager Appreciation Day.  He said this is the day to “pause, recognize, and celebrate the efforts of community managers around the world to improve customer experiences.”

I believe it’s about time we have a day like this, not only because I’m a community manager (hehehe) but because 2010 is the year Community Managers will start playing a major role in businesses in different industries.

A community manager is now a role that applies not only to social networking sites or community-based services but basically to any organization that sees the importance of a dialogue with their audiences, that values engagement with their customers, and that wants a deeper relationship with their markets.  A community manager is the person to do this for you.  As companies begin to understand the importance of social media and how it relates to their businesses, they will see the need to cultivate communities.

If you don’t know yet what exactly is a community manager (and I know it’s a new title to many, given the many instances I have to explain it whenever I tell people what my work is), Chris Brogan has an excellent post about what a Community Manager does and the essential skills to be one.  Another great read about how the community manager’s role is Jeremiah Owyang’s post, “The Four Tenets of the Community Manager.”

As for Community Manager Appreciation Day, it may be Tuesday already but it’s never too late to do the following (as what Owyang shared in his post):

  • If you’re a customer, and your problem was solved by a community manager be sure to thank them in the medium that helped you in. Use the hashtag #CMAD.
  • If you’re a colleague with community manager, take the time to understand their passion to improve the customer –and company experience. Copy their boss.
  • If you’re a community manager, stop and breathe for a second, and know that you’re appreciated. Hug your family.

Many thanks!