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An e-commerce lesson from a local cafe

May 23, 2009


(Photo by saeru) Every morning I start my day at work by buying coffee in one of Singapore’s very familiar local cafes, Toast Box.  I order two cups of coffee for me and my wife, the normal coffee with condensed milk & evaporated milk,  to go or as they say it in SG, ‘take away,’ […]

A Letter of Complaint for Cebu Pacific

November 17, 2008


For anyone who is into e-commerce, whether through online auctions, social media (think Multiply sellers) or a full transactional website with an online payment gateway, one important aspect stands out – return customers. Having worked as an E-commerce Manager for a couple of years, I would always stress to clients and to audience in my […]

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

December 5, 2007


Actually, it’s not just the fifth but the whole month of November. through just like that and again I am found guilty of not being able to post a single entry last month. It really was a hectic month but it’s never too late to share the happeniThe month simply breezedngs and the lessons learned […]

Survey for Multiply Sellers

October 25, 2007


One of the things which I believe is fueling the e-commerce industry in the Philippines is the very enterprising way people are using social networks to sell goods and services. By creating an account, posting content, mainly images with text of what they are selling, and explaining the terms of payment (which is either through […]

Opportunities to Present

June 22, 2007


I have talked about presenting effectively as a must in every aspect of our life, not simply in our work, in business or in class, but in every occasion where we need to communicate something, or persuade or influence someone. In the next few days, I will have that opportunity to present, both before a […]